Chile Solar Eclipse Tours

Thank you for reserving your tour package for this exciting solar event in Chile!
Packages will be assigned
First come First Served!
Follow the links below to check the available packages.
  • All packages are flexible, include airport pickup and drop off, local transport and a private guide.
  • Wine tasting is included for all winery visits.
  • Prices vary depending on the number of people
Pick a package, check the itinerary and set your own price!
2-Day Tour: Includes
  • city tour of Santiago,
  • 1 winery tour
  • solar eclipse viewing
3-Day Tour: Includes
  • city tour of Santiago
  • 2 Winery tours
  • solar eclipse viewing
4-Day Tour: Includes
  • city tour of Santiago
  • 2-3 winery tours
  • solar eclipse viewing
5-Day Tour: Includes
  • city tour of Santiago
  • 2-3 winery tours
  • your personal interest
  • solar eclipse viewing

Check here for more details about the Chile Solar Eclipse 2019.

Call us at: 1-877-500-5843 for further details.


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