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Guide Visitors Through City Tours
(Limited Spots Available)

Wyzgo vacations arranges tours for visitors traveling to major cities worldwide.

We need a few reliable tour guides for our customers.

Our guides provide private touring services to visitors.

Most trips are for a full day. Sometimes they can be for five days or more!

It’s FREE!

Join the Wyzgo Tour Guides Team NOW!

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3 Easy Steps

1. Join Our Wyzgo Team

2. Guide the group through their tour

3. Complete the trip and get paid

To qualify as a Wyzgo Tour Guide, you must:

  • Be an honest, reliable, trustworthy and responsible adult
  • Have a clean professional record
  • Own a reliable insured, clean vehicle and have a valid driver's license
  • Able to easily find your way around your city or town
  • Own a mobile phone and personal computer

Manuel Fernandez- Wyzgo Tour Guide

Driving tourists through Toronto for a day
earned me double what I make with Uber!
I work less hours on Uber and get paid more!