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Use the site FREELY to select and personalize any tour package to your liking. Make as many changes as you wish. Include as many people in your tour group as you wish. Then set your own budget for the trip. You pay only when you are 100% satisfied!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Click any of the topics below to find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us through any of the means provided.



Guides speak your language


Which destinations are supported by Wyzgo?

Wyzgo supports all popular vacation destinations worldwide. To get you behind the scenes, we also target smaller lesser known destinations. This is where you will find the local and cultural activities not available in other vacation packages. They are available in the activities we show when you plan your vacation.

What happens if I do not speak the local language of the country I am visiting?

That is very common. Many people are taking vacations in places with different languages and cultures. This is where a local guide can make your vacation much more efficient and enjoyable. Many of our guides speak multiple languages. We ensure that you have a guide with whom you can communicate in your language.

Travel Requirements


What help is available to plan and prepare for my trip?

We prefer direct communication with customers planning a trip. The best way to get help to plan your trip is to contact us through any of the means we make available to you. These include our direct phone line, email, skype, SMS and our duolingual chat facility available on the www.wyzgo.com website. Suggestions are welcome through our Feedback link on the website.

What types of pre arrangements do I need to make for my trip?

The basic types or arrangements are the usual visa, passport, airline or other transport into the destination, credit card company notification, spending money, some local currency and the like. You would also want to arrange for travel and health insurance. Make sure you know how you will connect with your guide before you leave for the trip. Download the Wyzgo Trip Buddy application where you will have all the details you need during the trip. Your Trip Buddy will also have the emergency contact information handy in case you need to access it quickly.

Arrival and Departure


When I arrive at my destination, what service is available for pickup and dropoff at the the port of entry?

Most destinations have taxi or bus services. If you made arrangements for pickup by your hotel limosine service, they should have advised you about their pickup schedule. If you made arrangements for our pickup service, your guide should be waiting for you there. Optionally you can use the taxi or other service available to get to the place where you booked your stay. The same applies to dropoff at the port from which you will be departing.

How do I make the initial contact with my guide when I arrive at the destination?

If you made arrangement for pickup at your port of entry, your guide should be there on the lookout for you. We encourage you to be in contact with your guide before and during the trip in case there are changes. You will be able to recognize your guide from the photo on our website. Look for someone wearing a Wyzgo overall and waving a Wyzgo flag. Your guide will welcome you and your group and take you to the place you will be staying. If you are not too weary from the flight, it is a good time to review your itinerary and clear up any further arrangements with your guide.

Local Places


How do I go about choosing which of the local places around my destination I should include in my trip?

For each destination, the local activities are arranged into groups. if you are interested in special types of activities, check the groups that are of interest and choose from them. If you do not see something that you are interested in, ask your guide about it. Often, the local guide will offer suggestions not listed. There is nothing preventing you from including other activities in your itinerary. That’s what personalization is all about!

Can my trip include multiple destinations within the same country?

Yes! All major countries offer many different destinations that are often far away from each other. You can choose multiple destinations in the country and plan your activities around each of them. You can choose one guide for each destination or one guide for the entire trip or a mixture of guides and destinations. The flexibility is available for you to plan the trip as you wish. You can even plan your trip for destinations in different countries! Make sure you arrange entry visas for the countries you are visiting.





When I download my itinerary, what other types of helpful information will it contain that will be useful to me during my trip?

You will find your Trip Buddy indispensible during your trip. The information download contains an application that gives you access to all your information without the need to connect to wifi or data services. Not only will you have your full itinerary on your mobile device, it will also contain all your local contacts, airline infomation as well as information about local places like restaurants, places of interest, hospitals, schools and a host of information that you would find useful during your trip. If you have a camera on your mobile device, the downloaded application will also integrate all your photos with your itinerary automatically!

Can I access my trip information on my mobile device without a wifi or data connection?

The basic idea behind the Wyzgo Trip Buddy is to make all your information accessible on your mobile device, without wifi or data services! Make sure you preloaded all your flight information, contacts and any other notes that you may need during the trip.

What are the advantages of downloading the Wyzgo Travel Buddy?

The key advantage is that you will have all the vital information about your trip available without depending on wifi or data services. Not only will it contain your trip itinerary, flight information and key contacts, but a host of other information that may become important while you are on your trip.

Local Activities


How are Wyzgo local activities different from what I see advertised in other vacation packages?

Many of the activities offered on Wyzgo destinations are contributed by local guides who live in that area. These are unique things that take you behind the scenes to enrich your experience with the culture and local life that the destination offers. Wyzgo maintains this proprietary database of activities as well as the other generally available popular activities. You will not find this anywhere else.

How are these local activities compiled and updated?

Wyzgo has collected a vast database of things to see and do in all the popular vacation destinations around the world. These have been categorized into popular headings like Adventure, History and other popular types that vacationers are seeking. Our local guides augment the data with unique things like local music, festivals and current events. In addition, we collect data on different types of more cost-effective accommodations not available on other hotels databases. These include local bed and breakfast, private homes and other accommodations provided through our guides.



Planning a trip usually involves two or more people. Does Wyzgo Trip Planner allow more than one person to be involved in the planning?

Yes! You can invite others to help plan the trip online. All members of your group can prepare separate itineraries and share their plan with others. There is no limit on the number of members helping to plan the trip or the number of different plans they can prepare. Eventually the group will decide on the one plan they all wish to book.

How long in advance must I submit my trip plan for approval?

You can start planning your trip anytime. Generally you should start early, the earlier the better you will be able to explore all the things available to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Your plan will tell you how many days you need to complete all the things you want to do on the trip. This will give you an idea of the duration, so you can start checking for your travel arrangements to get there. Once you have the dates of your trip in and out of the destination, you should book those dates immediately to ensure they are secured in advance. Early booking gives the opportunity to take advantage of discounts. Your final payment can be delayed up to thirty days before you leave. In case of changes, you can change your dates or postpone the trip for up to thirty days or more.



What restrictions are there on changing my trip plan or booking?

Wyzgo offers tremendous flexibility to plan and change your trip itinerary. There are no restrictions to change your plan. You can change your itinerary before or after you book the trip. Under most circumstances you can even change your itinerary during the trip. If your changes add to your itinerary, your budget will be increased and charged accordingly. If you reduce the activities on your itinerary, a refund will be made of that amount.

What happens if I decide to change my itinerary during the trip?

You are free to change your itinerary at any time during your trip. Some conditions may apply. If your changes involve a simple exchange of one activity for another, there will be no additional costs, provided you remain within the limits of transport and guide time limits. For changes that exceed the limits of transport and guide time, additional costs will be applied. Check your itinerary for details on transport and guide time limits.

Are there penalties for postponing a trip?

You can postpone your trip for thirty days of the planned date anytime without penalty. You must give at least fifteen days advanced notice of your intention to postpone the trip. In case of emergencies, you can contact us for alternative arrangements. Trip cancellations are handled in accordance with our trip cancellation policies.

Trip Fulfillment


What happens if something goes wrong and my itinerary is not fulfilled?

Use any of the ways available to contact us at the earliest possible time. While most trips are fulfilled in accordance with the plan, contingengincies arise occasionally. We are available anytime to assist whenever possible.

What happens if the guide assigned to my trip falls ill or is unable to complete the trip with me?

Contingencies can arise like illness. Other things can happen, like you are not pleased with the guide assigned to you.To ensure your trip is not disrupted by such events, we assign at least one backup guide to each trip. Often there are two or more backup guides assigned. We can respond quickly to such incidents. Often, the guide will notify us about the contingency. In any case, you should take the initiave to notify us immediately if a change of guide is needed so precious vacation time is not wasted.

Budget and Payments


Setting a Budget


Is there a limit for how low I can set my budget for a trip?

We make every effort to help reduce the cost of your trip. Your budget must cover the basic cost of the guide’s time and local transportation costs. If your budget proposed for the trip falls below this amount, you will be asked to either adjust your itinerary or increase your budget proposal. Since Wyzgo pricing is based on incremental costs, the budget will always be much less than the per person prices charged by packaged tours, You may want to check how we try to help reduce your costs for accommodation, meals and our sharing and trading options. All designed to keep your costs as low as possible. Our focus is on maximizing the value of your vacation spending. As we keep costs low and increase enjoyment through personalization, the value of your vacation increases!

What is a reasonable budget for a trip?

It depends on the amount of time required of your guide and the amount of transportation required to fulfill your itinerary. As the time required of guides increase and the transport distances increase, so too must your budget.

Can I change the budget after it is accepted?

You can change your itinerary and budget anytime before you book your trip. The process is repeated the same way when you submit your revised budget. After you book your trip and before you make the final payment, you can adjust your budget accordingly. If you make changes to your itinerary after the final payment, before you start the trip, the difference will be computed. Additional charges for additional activities will be billed to your account. For reduction of activities to your plan, a refund will be calculated and applied to your account. Adjustments and refunds will be applied to your billing after the trip is completed. Additions will be charged to your account. Reductions will be refunded to the same account.

Pricing and Quality


How is Wyzgo pricing better than other tour packages for the same type of trip?

Our goal is to increase the value of your vacation spending by making it as enjoyable as possible while taking every advantage to reduce your costs. From guide services, accommodation, meals and sharing, we are able to offer pricing advantages not available any where else. To explain further, Wyzgo pricing is based on incremental cost. This means that for each additional person in your group, a cost is applied to cover the requirements for the additional person which is a fraction of the per person pricing used by tour packages. The bigger the group, the greater the cost savings. For example, for a group of four people on a trip, the reduction is is fifty percent of the per person cost. For a full breakdown of the pricing advantages that wyzgo offers, see the explanation on the website about Pricing Advantages.

How much more will it cost to add another person to my group for my trip?

This depends on the size of the group. The larger the group, the smaller the incremental cost. See the explanation on the website about Pricing Advantages

If Wyzgo pricing is so much lower, how does this affect the quality of the service we provide?

Our goal is to provide vacationers with the best value for their vacation spending. Period! We focus on maximizing the value of what we can give to our customers. Quality is an important component of what we deliver. We never compromise quality for anything. There are ways to reduce costs and increase quality and we are at the frontier of this endeavour in thevacation travel industry. We believe that greater power evolves from presenting people with new ideas and great technology.



What is included or excluded from the payment I make for my trip?

Your budget includes the cost of local transport and guide time as per your plan. While you can arrange for accommodation and meals , these are excluded. You are expected to pay for these directly to the entity providing the service when you receive that service. This is a better arrangement when you need flexibility. It also protects you against paying for accommodations and meals without the opportunity to check their suitability. Caution should be exercised when handing over funds or credit cards in exchange for services. Under no circumstances should you give money to guides for payment of any services. You are better protected against low quality services or fraud when you pay us directly. You will have a more reasonable recourse if things do not materialize they way you expect. Costs for options may or may not be included. Check your itinerary and invoice for details.

Can I make the payment for my trip in my local currency?

WYzgo accepts payment securely in over 100 different currencies from customers worldwide. To pay in a selected currency is easy and seamless. Simply select your preferred currency at the time of payment and follow the simple instructions.

How secure is the Wyzgo online payment system?

Wyzgo uses a secure HTTP (Hyperext Transport Protocol) as well as a signed security certificate from a reliable authority to process online payments. In addition, the payment partners we use, Stripe and Paypal, are the most reputable gateways available for transacting online payments. We guarantee that your personal and financial information is treated with the greatest privacy and security concerrns.

What are the penalties for cancellation of a trip after payment is made?

There are no penalties if you cancel your trip at least fifteen days before the trip start date. You get a 100% refund less a 7.5% fee to cover administrative cost. Cancellations made within fifteen days of the trip start date will incur a 20% fee unless it is covered by trip cancellation insurance. Notice of cancellation must be done in writing. You can postpone your trip for up to thirty days without any penalty.

What will I see on my credit card statement after payment?

For the payments you make to Wyzgo, you will see the cost in the currency you paid. If currency has to be exchanged to complete the transaction, you can expect to see an additional charge for the exchange, the amount depends on the exchange rate at the time you make the payment. For payments for items purchased and paid by credit card during your trip, check with your credit card company for details on what will appear on your statements.



What does 100% refundable really mean?

It means that 100% of all payments made to us by you on your trip, will be refunded to you, provided you file your notice of cancellation before the deadline set for the date of your trip.

How long does it take to process a refund?

After we receive your notice of cancellation and we verify your payment was made, the refund process will commence. We will make the refumd using the same method you used to make the payment. Depending on which payment method was used, the refund process can take up to ten days.

What happens if I miss my flight?

In the event of unexpected changes such as this where you have no control, you must contact us as well as your guide at your earliest convenience, to inform us of the circumstances. All the key contact information will be in your WYzgo Trip Buddy. We will do our best to help rearrange your itinerary based on your new expected trip start date and the activities you planned. Immediately on arrival at your destination, your guide will review your itinerary and suggest how to deal with specific situations. Additional charges may apply. Each such case will be handled on a personal basis.

What happens if I want to cancel my trip at the last minute?

You can cancel your trip anytime before your trip start date. If you are covered by trip cancellation insurance, you will be refunded the full payment for the trip. However, any cancellation made within fifteen days of the trip start date and not covered by cancellation insurance will incur a 20% cancellation fee. Notice of cancellation must be done in writing. You can postpone your trip for up to thirty days without any penalty.

Tour Guides




How are guides assigned to trips?

Guides are assigned to groups on a one on one basis. For larger groups we ensure there is an assistant to help take care of your needs. We choose the guide with the highest rating that speaks your language, is experienced in the activities you chose, is available during the period of your trip and matches your budget. Your group will have the exclusive attention of the guide assigned to you during your trip. We also introduce you to your guide very early so you can communicate with him or her before you leave for your trip.

Can I change the guide assigned to me?

Before we assign a guide to your group, we try to ensure a best fit. Every trip has a backup guide assigned to cover eventualities. We would quickly reassign your guide, before or during your trip, If you have reasons to request a different one. We appreciate feedback on your reason for requesting a change.

How do guides get paid?

Wyzgo guides are adequately compensated by us for their services after they complete the trip. In addition to providing the guide services expected by our customers,the guide must report to us on all trip activities on a daily basis. Their ratings are affected by the reports we receive from them and your feedback.

Should I tip my guide?

Tipping your guide is purely optional. There is no obligation to tip guides. If you feel the guide deserves a tip, by all means do so, within your means. The amount you tip is totally discretionary. Under no circumstances should Wyzgo guides demand a tip from you. If they do so, we appreciate if you report this to us immediately.



What are the prerequisites for becoming a Wyzgo guide?

If you are trustworthy,committed and reliable and you are intimately knowledgeable about the destination, you have the basic ingredients for becoming a Wyzgo guide. You must provide details about yourself, your experience, resources and other key information that you can complete online when you register as a guide. The more information that we can verify about you the higher will be your rating which increases your chances of being selected as a preferred guide. You must be prepared to update your profile and resources information regularly to maintain a good rating. Guides who respond to requests promptly are deemed to be more reliable and this will improve your rating on a continuous basis.

What types of training do guides receive?

In some countries, guides go through intensive training before obtaining a license to provide guide services. In addition to this, Wyzgo requires our guides to go through further training in Wyzgo guest services, safety, handling contingencies, emergencies and other areas where they can improve the quality of guide services and enhance the enjoyment of the trip. Guides who attend our training services are rated higher and receive better reviews from guests.

How are guides rated?

All our guides are rated on a continuous basis. We use a formal process that include factors such as capabilities, rosources, commitment, performance and most importantly, feedback from our customers. Guide ratings are published so you can see how each guide compares to others. Guides can also access the details of their ratings to see their scores and work to improve themselves. Guides whose ratings fall below a certain threshold are flagged from our roster until their ratings improve. Guides who do not live up to expectations or contravene our terms are removed entirely from our roster.

Do I get to assess my guide before the trip?

We introduce you to your guide at least thirty days before your trip start date. We provide you with their contact information. They have access to your itinerary. Your guide will make the initial contact with you to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to make explicit arrangements for rendez-vous with your guide before you leave. Also ensure you clear up any matters about your trip in advance. This way you get to know your guide and build an acquaintance even before you meet with him or her!



What types of assistance is available from local guides before the trip?

The opportunity to connect with a local guide before your trip can open visitors up to new and exciting ideas that could shape your plan in ways you may not have imagined. Guides are an invaluable source for first hand information about the destination and what it can offer visitors. They take you beyond the traditional tourist sites behind the scenes where you get first hand experience with life in that part of the world. Guides can introduce you to unique things that interest you personally, arrange to meet with and experience local art, customs, practices, traditions, cuisine, local accommodation and other exotic things that will add value to make your trip less expensive and ever so much more enjoyable. Ask and our local guides will be delighted to provide the advice and answers to questions about the destination. They will introduce you to things not generally available in prepackaged tours.

What types of assistance will guides provide during my trip?

Personal guides provide VIP service to their guests. They make the extra effort to provide those simple things that make the journey easy and pleasant for you. They may offer things like snacks and bottled drinks available for the group while traveling, explain local customs, superstitions and beliefs, tell interesting local stories, make convenient stopoffs as you wish, help with photo ops, group photos and many such things. They consider this service their marketing strategy to obtain better reviews, improved ratings and ultimately get more visitors.

What are the benefits or drawbacks of a personal guide?

A personal guide is at your disposal during the trip. He or she knows the inns and outs of the destination and will help avoid costly mistakes that could impact your enjoyment. They will save you valuable time, find alternatives quickly when needed, handle contingencies if and when they arise, are invaluable when communication with locals is required and a host of other situations that could arise. There are no drawbacks as far as we see, beyond the payment required to get their services. To date, we know of no one who regretted the choice of a local guide. Reviews have been positive all the way!



What are the optional Share and Trade things offered by guides?

Every Wyzgo guide has the option to compile the list of Share and Trade items they wish to offer visitors. Optional things can range from locally made items and souvenirs to toys, personal items and gadgets not available in the local country. The trade is an exchange entirely between the guide and visitor that both agree is fair,( see the section under Share and Trade for more details).

Can I request something from my guide that is not offered as an option on the his or her Share and Trade list?

Yes! Once it is a legitimate request, available locally and the quality, price and other criteria are to your liking, our guides will be delighted to procure it for you. If it is a take-away item, you should ensure that it meets customs regulations both at the port of exit and entry back to your home country.

Can Wyzgo guides handle persons with disabilities or special requirements?

The answer is generally no as guides are not normally not trained to assume such responsibilities. However, you can contact us if you need to make special arrangements for yourself or someone in your travel group who has special needs. We will try to find ways to assist based on your needs.

Initial Meetup


What procedures are in place to ensure that I recognize my guide when I arrive?

All our guides carry a Wyzgo emblem when on duty. You can recognize your guide in a crowd. There is a photo of your guide on our website. Look for someone with the Wyzgo emblem either in a waving flag or imprinted on a personal vest. In most cases, your guide will be on the lookout for you when you arrive. In case you do not see your guide, find a way to contact him or her using the information we provided with the Wyzgo Trip Buddy. In the very unusual case where nothing else worked, contact us immediately.

How do I notify my guide if my flight gets delayed or cancelled at the last minute?

All the key contact information is available to you anytime on the Wyzgo Trip Buddy you downloaded to your mobile device. Your guide contact information is prominently displayed in the app. You must contact and notify your guide immediately when you first become aware of this situation. We advise you to notify us also so we can deal with any contingencies. It is a good practice to keep your guide appraised of your arrival at all times before you arrive at the destination.

Where can I quickly find the key contact information for my guide?

Your key contact information is organized in your Wyzgo Trip Buddy for easy access. You will find your guide’s contact information highlighted at the top of the list of contacts.



Local Accommodation


What are local accommodations and how are they different from regular hotels?

Local accommodations offer vacationers the opportunity to cut costs without reducing the enjoyment of the trip. We offer this as a courtesy service to our customers. Clean and comfortable accommodations are available in local bed and breakfast, hostels and some private homes. Local guides are very familiar with these accommodations in the destinations and often can recommend a suitable location for your stay. By choosing a local accommodation you can save considerably on your trip spending.

What if I choose a local accommodation but do not like it when I get there?

You can cancel most local accommodations without penalty if the place does not measure up to your standards. We provide as complete information as possible on local accommodations to ensure you have a good idea about it from descriptions and photos of the place. If it turns out to be different, there are usually other better alternatives which your guide will be able to assist with.

Are local accommodations rated like hotels by 3 star, 4 star. 5 star?

Not all accommodation facilities carry an official star rating. This only means that the body that assigns ratings did not have some of the properties in their roster. The range of unofficial ratings is generally between 2.5 star and 4 star.Some of them offer excellent quality of accommodation, are cozy, their owners eager to cater to your special needs and you get a local breakfast included. It is worth considering especially if you plan to stay for a few days. They can save you some money on your vacation.

Accommodation Choices


Can I book my own accommodation for my trip?

You always have the option to book your own accommodation. The rates you get from online bokings are often higher than what a local guide can arrange for you. You may want to consider this when booking your accommodation. Ask your guide to get you a local rate.

Why should I reserve my accommodation through Wyzgo?

Reserving your accommodation through us is a courtesy service to get you better rates for accommodation. We do not include any billing for accommodation in your package. You the vacationer will pay for your accommodation directly to the institution when you are there. Your local guide can make the advanced reservation for you and confirm it before your trip start date. It is not necessary to give your credit card information to reserve your accommodation. Most of them will accept a reservation without the need for a credit card.

My trip includes multiple destinations. How do I arrange for best suited accommodations based on where I will be?

Wyzgo handles planning for multiple destinations in a very convenient and simple way. It uses your itinerary with the comprehensive database of accommodation venues to identify the accommodation options that are best suited to your trip. It also calculates the routes that minimizes travel times. You can experiment by choosing different venues for your accommodation and choose the ones that best meet your needs for the destinations you want.

Accommodation Arrangements


How can guides help with my local accommodation?

The arrangements for accommodation are between you and the staff at the accommodation facility. Local guides can be quite helpful to verify any aspects of any local accommodation where you may have doubts or questions. They can visit the facility, take photos and send them to you, get a first hand view of the facilities and even make reservations for you at preferential local rates if available. This is especially useful if the accommodation facility does not have an online presence or does not update their information regularly. Make sure you point out any special requirements so they can help verify them for you in advance. Give yourself enough time to clarify these arrangements in advance of your trip.

How do I know that my reservation is confirmed before I set out for my trip?

You should receive written confirmation of your accommodation arrangements from the venue you selected. This usually comes as an email to you from the accommodation reservation staff. Make sure you notify them of any special arrangements you need, like non-smoking, double beds, wifi etc. Most accommodation businesses handle their scheduling quite efficiently. Once you receive written confirmation, you can be assured that the reservation will be there when you arrive. Make sure you add a note of the email message in your itinerary. It will be readily available on your Wyzgo Trip Buddy in case you need to refer to it.

What are the arrangements for payment for my accommodation?

Your Wyzgo package does not include any payment for accommodation. Our role is to facilitate the process and try to save you money. We do not handle charges for accommodation. We do not take or expect a commission on your accommodation cost. Our involvement is simply a courtesy to help you reduce your costs. You pay for your accommodation at the reception desk when you get there. Each venue has its own procedures for reservation, booking and payment. You can ask your guide to confirm arrangements with the accommodation you selected. We strongly advise against making advanced payments for accommodations or giving your credit card or other electronic payment information to anyone except the accommodation front desk staff. We will try to assist if problems arise but do not accept responsibility for errors or mistakes.

Arrangements for Meals’


What meals are included with the accommodation?

Meals provided by the accommodation entity are specified with the offer. Some could include a standard breakfast with paid lunches or dinner. Others include free drinks throughout the day. Others may not include any of these with their basic package. The information for accommodations on the Wyzgo website is generally updated by our local guides so it should give reasonably accurate information about meals. It is advisable to confirm the arrangements for meals with your guide. Also if your itinerary involves travel during the day, it is advisable to get feedback about meals like lunch or dinner, from your guide. Guides can also be quite helpful in suggesting local cuisine and places where you can get them on the way.

What alternative arrangements are available for meals?

For the budget-conscious, there are usually local groceries where you can shop for food. Some vacationers even travel with the basic food ingredients. Another alternative is to have your guide arrange for a local chef to cook you some meals. Your best bet is to discuss what is available and recommended. Exercise caution by only paying for your meals afterwards. This way you can verify certain key things like sanitation, dining comfort etc. You always have alternatives for meals.

How can guides help with meals, especially local cuisine?

Every group will have different requirements for meals. Some groups may be interested only in cuisine. Some vacationers prefer to eat what they are accustomed to rather than try new tastes. Others are more adventurous and willing to try new foods. Some may have allergies or special dietary requirements. Others see food as a necessity and are happy with sandwiches. Flexibility is the key. Your local guide is you best resource to help choose what and where to eat. You can address questions to your guide in advance of your trip especially if you are interested in local cuisine or if anyone in your group has special dietary needs. Always exercise caution by drinking bottled water wherever you travel!

What are the arrangements for payment for meals?

The budget approved by Wyzgo excludes the cost of meals. Payment for meals is your responsibility. This gives you the flexibility to determine what and where you want to eat as you progress through your trip and learn more about what is popular or available as well as the convenience of choosing one eating place over another. Flexibility is a key aspect of Wyzgo vacations. You can make advanced special arrangements for meals with your guide or make final alterations of meal preferences based on the immediate circumstances ,without commiting to anything in advance. The choice is yours.

Safety and Security




How are safety and security measures handled for travelers?

Your safety is primarily your own responsibility. We advise you to take all precautions to safeguard yourself and those with you. Our local guide will advise and asist wherever possible. They know who to tontact in cases of emergency and will assist whenever possible. But they are not responsible for your safety.

What precautions should I take to ensure I am protected during my trip?

Travel outside your home country is not without risk. To prepare yourself you should take some basic precautions. Protect yourself with proper medical and travel insurance. Make sure your passport and visa are not expiring during your trip. Avoid high risk areas and notify your country’s nearest embassy. Tourists can be easily spotted in a crowd, so keep valuables in a secure pouch. Drink bottled water, use mosquito protection, stay away from farms and check the sanitary conditions of food preparation. Make proper advanced arrangements for a key contact person in case of emergency. For a more thorough checklist, search online for travel preparation advice for the destination you are visiting. Most importantly, follow the advice of your local guide.



What advanced preparations should I make to handle emergencies during my trip?

Apart from your medical and travel insurance and other things mentioned above, check the weather conditions, travel alerts, inform your key contacts about your trip dates, discuss with your guide or contact us if you have questions or concerns. Last but not least, download your Trip Buddy to two different mobile devices just in case.

What measures does Wyzgo take to help keep me safe during my trip?

While we take every opportunity to help keep you safe, travel has inherent risks. There is no set of rules to keep you safe. The ultimate responsibility for your safety is yourself. We provide training to our guides on safety. They must have procedures for disaster preparedness and security measures they use. Guides are rated especially on safety issues. Check their rating score. The ultimate responsibility for your safety is yourself. If you enjoy adventure or risky activities like mountain climbing, parachuting and underwater diving, follow the safety guidelines that are always provided. Take extra precautions if you visit high risk areas where there is war, civil unrest or known threats. Do not venture outside the usual ‘safe’ areas without your local guide or someone who knows the local culture and language. Keep a low profile, learn some local buzz words. Keep alert and employ basic common sense wherever you go and whatever you do.



What should I do in case of an emergency?

It depends on the type of emergency, like severe weather, earthquake, loss of important items like passport, stolen wallet or a personal medical mishap. Your personal safety is the first priority and a major concern of ours. If electronic communications are unavailable, tap local resources like your guide or hotel manager for advice and assistance. Get in touch with loved ones, personal emengency contacts at home and our Wyzgo hotline if possible. Once we are aware of the emergency, we will assess the situation and take every step we possibly can to provide advice and assistance. Check your Trip Buddy for all your contacts who can help. Let common sense prevail and take the most appropriate actions that are likely to bring quickest relief.

What can guides do to help keep me safe during my trip?

Guides have first hand knowledge of the inns and outs of local risks. They have your best interest at heart and will offer invaluable advice on precautions you should take, how to safeguard yourself and valuables, how, where and when to be exercise caution, places to avoid and other types of risks. Be sure to address any safety issues with your guide during your initial briefing and at any time safety questions arise.

How can the Wyzgo Trip Buddy help in case of an emergency?

Your Trip Buddy contains all your contacts, travel information and notes you loaded as well as useful local information added from our database. It is an app on your mobile device that will open access to this information without a wireless connection. It contains the location of nearby medical centers, hospitals and other information that could prove invaluable in an emergency. Be sure to download the Trip Buddy to more than one mobile device just in case one device fails.





If I have to discontinue my trip for personal reasons, what should I do?

You must notify us immediately if you decide to cancel your trip after it has started. All trip cancellations for personal reasons are handled on a case by case basis. If you are requesting a refund, you must support your claim with supportive documentation of the circumstances. Claims only for unfulfilled parts of the trip will be considered. We will review your claim and may request further information from you and your guide, as necessary. We reserve the right to make the final decision on any claims for cancellation of a trip for personal reasons. If you are unsure of completing your trip, we advise that you consider our Trip Cancellation Protection Plan.

If my trip has to be cut short because of an emergency, what is my recourse?

You must notify us of the circumstances at your earliest convenience explaining your reason for discontinuation of the trip. You should obtain copies of any supporting documemts and provide copies with your application. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis. We strongly advise that you consider our Trip Cancellation Protection Plan. Without it, fees may apply.Refer to our Trip Cancellation Policies for details.

If I had to return home after an emergency, who should I contact for further help with my claim?

The best way is to contact us by email giving your name, trip identification as provided on your itinerary, date of the trip and and a clear explanation of the situation. It will help to include copies of any documentation to support your case. Someone from the WYzgo team will follow up with you to process your claim. Check our website for contact information.

Sharing and Trading




What does sharing and trading entail and how does it help me?

Sharing takes place between the traveler and their guide. It entails one party offering to the other party some things they want to exchange. Guides generally post items on our website about things they want to share with travelers. Travelers can also negotiate other things with their guide. Items exchanged are generally small in size and can be easily transported. Larger items could be traded but will require additional arrangements like shipping. Both parties come to an agreement on what to share. It is usually an informal agreement and the parties are advised to get proper advice, exchange information and clarify the details in advance. Wyzgo facilitates sharing and trading as a courtesy service that both travelers and guides could find to be beneficial. Wyzgo is not involved in the arrangements and will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any sharing or trading arrangements between the parties.

What is the difference between sharing and trading ?

Sharing usually involves an exchange of a valuabled item for another item, with or without money changing hands. For example a guide can share an accommodation with a traveler in exchange for a reasonable payment. A trade usually involves an exchange of one or more valuables for another item or set of valuables usually without money changing hands. For example the exchange of a toy for a jar of local coffee. It is entirely up to the parties to determine what constitutes a fair trade.

What types of things are typically available for sharing and trading?

Guides can offer meals, accommodation or local souvenirs at prices that will save the traveler costs and time during the trip. The parties can also exchange items they find useful. Anything from trinkets, accessories or clothing to tickets for events, or artifacts and antiques. The items must be legally approved in the country and allowed for sale or trade. Both parties are encouraged to exchange photos and descriptions of the items offered to reduce disappointment. Both parties should exercise due caution to ensure the transaction is above board and no transgressions or laws are violated.



How can I take advantage of opportunities to share or trade?

There are basically two ways. Check the options which your guide has posted on our website. You will see what they are offering travelers who we assign to them. Select any item you wish and see the trade or share details. If you do not see something you wish to share or trade, you can contact your guide and inquire about it.

How do I do a trade with my guide?

Remember that sharing and trading is being supported to benefit both parties. This should not be allowed to affect the enjoyment of your trip. To avoid disappointments, ensure you verify the quality, condition and value of the items traded before agreeing on the trade. Sometimes these cannot be determined before seeing the items. Each party should be prepared to terminate the deal in an amicable manner if the items are not to their satisfaction or change the agreement for something else.







End to End Support


How does Wyzgo End to End support work?

End to End support means that you get support for your trip from the planning stage through the journey and even after the trip is completed. Our mission is to maximize the value of your vacation spending. We find ways to increase your enjoyment and reduce your vacation costs at the same time. We have organized the trip planning so it is easy for you to plan your own. We are always available to clarify any questions you have or provide more information to assist you. Ground support is also available from the start of the planning through the trip and even after you return. We are always available even after your trip is over, to address any queries or complaints you may have and handle any outstanding business concerning your trip.

How is Wyzgo support different from other vacation operators?

Our mission is to maximize the value of your vacation spending. We find ways to increase your enjoyment and reduce your vacation costs at the same time. Our support starts way before your trip is being planned and continues during and after your trip is completed. Our guides are actively involved in identifying new things to see and do in all our destinations. Things that will make your trip exceptional and unique. By providing the best support we can from start to finish, we know you will be more inclined to take another trip with us and also tell your friends.

What languages besides English are supported?

Communicating in different languages is one of our great advantages. Use our amazing duolingual chat facility available on our website to converse with us in Spanish, French, German,Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese are being implemented.



How can I contact someone to discuss customer support issues?

You can contact us through any of the following means : telephone, email, skype, messaging, chat or feedback. Check the website for details.

What type of support can I expect from my guide?

Your guide will provide advice and assistance from planning your vacation, finding the things that interest you, answering questions about the activities and local issues. During your trip your guide will be a key support resource making sure your plans come to reality and assisting you through contingencies that arise.

What other support is available?

Wyzgo staff and travel advisors are always available to answer any questions you may have or assist you with your trip plan, payments, billing, refunds and any other issues related to your trip. Last but not least is your Trip Buddy that will enable you to automatically organize all your trip photos and even keep track of your trip accounts..